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Document Management System (DMS)

Document, Work Flow and Form Process Management System (DMS), was put into pilot use with the Expense Approval Module as of 12 January 2011 at Izmir University of Economics. While this system was in pilot use, as a result of concurrent studies and trainings, incoming and outgoing document modules, annual, administrative and sick leave modules have been put into the use of full-time academic and administrative personnel on June 1, 2011.

Material request, employee separation, expense approval, assignment request, vehicle request and event request modules have been integrated into the system later on, and electronic operation and follow-up of related processes have been ensured.

Traditional methods of access to information are costly for institutions and not having access to information or documents on time may result in financial, intangible loss and loss of prestige. Easy access to information plays a vital role in today’s competitive society. DMS enables easy and rapid access to incoming and outgoing documents, faxes, and official writings, petitions, and corporate forms by storing them on an electronic environment, thus improves and accelerates efficiency and decision making process.

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