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You can apply in person to our itsupport Office with your Card to get a new password.

No. EkoID and OASIS systems work independent from one another. For OASIS operations, you need to contact the


1. Bring the device you want to register to itsupport office.
2. Give your device to itsupport staff together with your Staff ID Card.
3. Get the “Internet Activation Form” given to you approved.
4. Hand in the approved form to itsupport staff.

If outside working hours;

Within the body of our Information Technology Directorate; The NetRegister system, developed in cooperation with our System and Operations Department and our Software and Automation Department, was put into use.

With the relevant system, without the need to visit our System and Operation Support office in person; In order to benefit from campus network services with your smart device such as laptop, tablet, phone; You can easily apply for registration online.

You can access the NetRegister system HERE.

If your laptop had been previously activated for the Internet, activation does not have to be renewed. You can have Internet access through Ekonet-Staff wireless network.

For Ekonet-Staff connection TTLS certificate must be installed.


Yes. Our university is a member of “Autodesk Student Community Programme” You can easily get a account for free use Autocad software.
For more information Click Here

To start your Microsoft Azure subscription, send an e-mail with the subject "Microsoft Azure Membership Activation" from your university e-mail address to "". Your request will be evaluated within 24 hours at the latest and your membership to the program will be realized if it is found appropriate. You can start using the account information that will be sent to you regarding your program membership.

Office 365 is a new office service with continuously updated and full featured desktop versions that can be installed from anywhere and activated online. It allows users to install more than one computer and tool, and offers features as web conferencing, One Drive additional online storage area, and integrated cloud based usage.

With Office 365, you will always have access to the latest version of Office applications. Office 365 users always receive the latest Office applications. You will receive a notification informing you about updating your software with the latest version when Office releases the latest version.

Office 365 enables you to have access to e-mail, personal calendar, online document management and organization, instant messaging with mobile and desktop equipment through internet and benefit from all the services completely.

You can easily have Access to, organize, save the Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote) in cloud with Office 365, and work on the same document with your teammates and use instant messaging and conferencing features.

Office365 should not be confused with Office; Office is a productivity software that can be installed on your desktop or laptop computer. It is sold as a package, monthly or annual subscriptions are not available. Office packages generally include applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, and Outlook. All new Office packages include the latest versions of these applications. These packages can be installed only on one pc and does not work integrated in any cloud based service in Office 365.

What makes Office 365 different from existing Office versions is that it can be activated through internet, can be installed on more than one equipment virtually from anywhere, anytime, and its cloud based integration and it can be installed on your computer as a separate application.

Office 365 can operate with the Office already installed on your computer. Users of Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013 can run documents created with Office 365 without having to do anything extra.

Office 365 is compatible and can work with Office 2007 and its newer versions. It Works best with Office 2010 and 2011 for Mac. Since Office 2007 and Office 2008 for Mac operate on less limited functions, it is not wise to install Office 365 on these systems.

If you are using older versions of Office and wish to use with Office 365, you need to switch to a newer version of Office.

Instead of installing Office 365 on standalone Office installed computers, it is best to install it on a computer without any Office applications or Office licenses, and if you have more than one computer or equipment, you should use it on your tablet, mobile phone in order to avoid any licensing issues.
With your existing Office 365, you can make up to 5 installations the most.


If you are a student;

Please apply to the "Student Affairs Directorate" for a new card application.

If you are an Academic-Administrative Personnel;

You must notify our Human Resources Department that your card has been lost and apply for a new card.

Contact itsupport staff with your Eko-Card and get it checked.



You can send a request to to have your quota increased. Your request will be evaluated and if considered as appropriate, your quota will be increased.


Contact itsupport staff to check your web space activation status.


Ensure that your request is forwarded to the System and Operations Directorate through the SCH Directorate. If your request is reviewed and found appropriate, a web space will be created and delivered.


Yes, you can access our University Library databases from off-campus. You can reach the settings you need to make for the relevant service HERE.



No. You can only benefit from the eduroam service at the universities you visit.


The System and Operation Departmant never demands your Identity number, telephone number, mail address, or mail password. Please disregard that kind of messages and not to give (reset) your password.

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