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Smart Card Service


Students of Izmir University of Economics are given a student ID card prepared in their own name to be used throughout their education life.

Since your Student ID cards contain a chip, they have the feature of a smart card.

You can use your Smart Student card in the following service areas:

• Campus Entry & Exit
• Paid Student Affairs Services
• Library services transactions that require a fee

If your student ID card is lost, you must apply to “Student Affairs Directorate” and report the situation.

Academic-Administrative Personnel;

It is an electronic card prepared on behalf of university staff. You can use your card in university entrance-exit transactions, cafeterias and canteens.

In case of malfunction, breakage or loss of your personnel ID card, you can apply to Human Resources Department and request a renewal.

For detailed information about “Card Pass System and Smart Card Project”, please Click Here.

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