Systems and Operations Department

About Internet Connection and Available Wi-Fi Networks

Our access speed is 1000mbps

You can benefit from the University's Internet access services via WIRED and WIRELESS connections.

If you wish, you can use internet access services with your laptop computers given to you by the University, or with your personal laptop computer, tablet, mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).

Wireless Services

  Ekonet‐Staff: For Academic and Administrative personnel (For Apple Certificate) 

  Eduroam: For Eduroam members (Click for detailed information) - (For Apple Certificate)

  Ekonet‐Guest: For University guests (Click for Guest Manual)

  Ekonet‐Student: For IUE students

Please note that: pages that are found to contain inappropriate content within the scope of the University's network services are automatically blocked by the main firewall systems. Use of Internet access for improper purposes is prohibited.

To benefit from the University's Internet services, your mobile device (laptop, tablet computer, mobile phone) with Internet connection must be activated for internet access.

The NetRegister system, which was developed in cooperation with the Systems and Operations and Software and Automation Departments within the Directorate of Information Technologies, was put into use. With the relevant system, without the need to visit the Systems and Operations Support office in person; you can easily apply for registration online to benefit from campus network services with your smart device such as laptop, tablet, and phone.

CLICK HERE to access NetRegister system.

Internet access is available both wired and wireless.

Ethernet Ports You Can Use

Dormitory rooms and dormitory common areas

Ports available in all classrooms

Ports available at cafeterias across campus.


1.How can I connect my phone and computer to the internet?

1.1.You can provide your internet connection by registering yourself at or by coming to the Systems and Operations Support office.

2.Why doesn’t my phone or computer connect even though I have registered/connected or had it registered/connected?

2.1.You can get support by coming to the Systems and Operations Support office.

3.I reset my phone or formatted my computer. Can I connect to the internet?

3.1. As long as the motherboard of your phone or computer is not changed, your internet connection will continue.

4.How soon will I have internet connection?

4.1.The system refreshes itself every five minutes for internet connection. If your connection was made at 15.22, you can connect to the internet after 15.25.


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